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Sustainable swimwear with our community and the planet in mind.



Producing all our pieces made-to-order allows us to maintain a low volume of manufacturing waste. The threads, scrap fabric, and papers are organized and kept separately so it can be properly re-purposed.

We use recycled mailers, tissue, and paper for our packaging.


We use sustainable materials for our swimwear and packaging to ensure the waste we produce is recyclable. Our Zero Waste Bikinis is an initiative we do to repurpose otherwise unusable fabric scraps. These suits are available for purchase as a mystery box.


With the remaining scraps we donate them and they get repurposed into stuffing for pillows, toys, and pet beds. If you are interested in receiving a bag of stuffing please contact us at



We look for opportunities to collaborate with local businesses and artists whenever possible. Many of our prints are designed by Canadian graphic artists, such as our signature Peach Print.


We also source about 90% of our production and packaging from Canadian suppliers. This covers everything from fabrics to sewing machines.

Lastly, and very importantly, we LOVE to support and shop local in our personal lives. The bond is especially heart-warming when we can support someone in our #PEACHBABE community! Connect with us on Instagram at @shop.jorgie

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